Xbox Hardware Failure Makes Me Furious!

Got a little info about my xbox that I wanted to share. I had no idea that when I bought my xbox that it had real potential with the hardware that could turn it into a paperweight. Hope I can do the right thing and get it repaired. Some ideas I found online below.

It’s quite common for the 360 video game console from xbox to run into many different technical problems that make the unit unusable. The most well know of these have been coined the “red ring of death”. You can identify it by the different flashing lights on the front of the console.

Three red lights mean a “general hardware failure”. In other words it can be just about anything but generally it’s an overheating problem. This is usually going to require taking it apart and trying to fix it by one of a few different methods.

There are usually signs that you xbox is on the brink. Things like freezing up, odd graphic issues in the middle of a game, and sound problems that come out of nowhere and go away just as quickly.
What Caused It?

You’re going to have to inspect your hardware. It;s probably not something that you did but just something that was going to happen by the xbox’s poor design. It could be a faulty power supply, power surges, power outages, and most commonly overheating.
How To Fix It

If you are lucky you’ll find a loose connection. Double check to make sure everything is plugged in tightly. Turn off your console and leave it off for five minutes. Turn it back on and say a little prayer of hope.

If that doesn’t work odds are that your console is overheating. Does it feel hot to the touch? Does it ever crackle? Especially after you are done playing and you turn it off? As it cools off it will make some noise if it got very hot.

Your best best to fix the red ring of death may be to open up the console and inspect the heat sinks. Are they full of dust? The dust can be keeping them from operating properly and cooling off your Microsoft Xbox.

If that’s not the case get yourself some cooling paste like artic silver and apply it as the instructions state. I’ll get some more specific instructions up soon.

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