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    July 11, 2012 Julie Jenkins 0

    full stroller for sureMy stroller was given as a present from my father-in-law in occasion of the birth of our darling Dia. It was made by “Urban Walker”.We didn’t notice it for the first three months after Dia was born since she was busy in our hands. But afterwards, when both me and my husband started to get into our busy life routine,the stroller came handy. For instance, we have the habit of taking morning strolls as part of exercise.

    double twin strollerWith the baby around, we cannot carry her along as we walk long distances. So instead , we used the stroller, which made us do our exercise and Dia do her site-seeing. Similarly,when we have to go for outings, this stroller has helped a lot. But the problem was that the stroller that my father-in-law bought us was not fold-able, which made it difficult to carry it in our car. Then we were forced to buy a better stroller with folding capability.

    The most useful thing is that we can carry all of Dia’s necessities like diapers,food,extra clothing etc within the stroller itself and need no extra bag. Also ,she stays more comfortable in the stroller than in our arms because the stroller gives the comfort of lying back rested on a chair and the angle of view of a car for the baby. If you are interested in buying a stroller for your child, then i would suggest a stroller under the brand “Hauck Malibu” because they have strong and rigid framework of stroller body as well as perfect comfort seating for the baby. They are also available in whole set with a pram for a newborn,a car seat attachment for the baby, a handy diaper bag, boot cover and rain cover.

    Though seems a bit costly, all of them surely comes handy. Now my Dia is about 18 months old and even now,when it comes to outings or morning strolls, she reaches for her stroller.

    This personal experience with a stroller was contributed by Nalini Nandan. Thank you Nalini for sending us your story.

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